The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is the story of your life.

Welcome to First Person Productions, home of Sarah White: your memoir writing partner.


We all want to know more about the people who came before us. I started First Person to help people like you write and share your life stories.

I offer two approaches.

  1. Writing partner: I help you write. I visit with you to talk about your memories and how to approach writing them down.
  2. Conversation: I interview you about your life, then edit what you’ve told me into a book of your own, told in your own voice.

With either approach, I’m there to help you get started and stay motivated, from first ideas through a finished manuscript. Then, I arrange for everything it takes to turn a manuscript into a high-quality paperback or a hardcover book. We use print-on-demand technology so you can order any number of books you like, at any time.

A book launch party is the perfect way to honor your book’s completion, and a nice opportunity to give the gift of a lifetime.

What will you discover when you tell your story?

How to start?

Contact me. Call me at 608-347-7329 or email me at

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