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Ever write a letter to “Dear Abby”?

Published on June 20, 2012, by in Commentary.

Me neither. But today a a response I wrote to a “Dear Abby” letter appeared on the Association of Personal Historians Blog. Titled “Dear Abby… May We Offer YOU Some Advice?” it begins,

On Monday of this week the popular “Dear Abby” syndicated column published a letter from a reader encouraging seniors to write down their memories. “The family history can be passed from one generation to the next, and I cannot think of a more special gift,” wrote “Charlene in Camarillo, Calif.”

Abby (now the founding columnist’s daughter, Jeanne Phillips) responded, “That’s a splendid idea,” and added that children and grandchildren could help by interviewing their parents and grandparents.

Obviously, as a personal historian, I couldn’t agree more. Abby and Charlene are “preaching to the choir” with me.

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