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Good Books by Good People

You can publish a book. The advent of POD (Print On Demand) technology makes it easy and affordable–if you have pages ready in PDF format. But how to get there?  You need to write a manuscript, get it edited, develop a cover and interior page design, and lay out your book. Then somebody must proof and correct until every last error is fixed.

I’ve created First Person Productions to help you get your ideas into print. My services include coaching to help you write your book, (including a write-by-conversation approach that works for those who find a blank sheet of paper worse than a dentist’s chair), editing, book design and production, publishing, and book-launch marketing support.

My primary focus is on personal histories (memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies) but my door is open to content of all kinds. The most important part is the chemistry between author and publisher. If you’re a good person with a good book in you, I’m here to help you get it out.

To paraphrase Anthony Bourdain, “I write, I consult, and I’m hungry for more.”

How might I help you?

-Sarah White

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