How I Can Help You

Typically, I work with older people who recognize that their stories are an important legacy, worth capturing before it’s too late.

I offer two basic approaches to writing: Writing Partner or Conversation. Once your manuscript is complete, I follow up with editing, graphic design, and printing processes that carry your life story from idea to printed book.

  • If you are seeking a low-cost option, or want to preserve the sound of a voice, my audio-only option will fit your needs.
  • If you are looking for a multi-media project, I can help you find the right collaborators serve as your personal project manager.

Imagine you are writing your memoir with me. I could coach you to write (the Writing Partner approach), or  capture your story through recorded conversations (the Conversation approach). Each has its advantages. Which is right for you?

Writing Partner approach

In this approach I serve as a friendly coach, secretary and editor. I visit your home to talk about your memories and the craft of writing memoir. Between my visits, you practice your new writing hobby. Each time I visit, I read aloud to you the pages you’ve written since my last visit.

  • You discover new insights and ideas as you hear your words in a fresh voice. This prepares you for your next revision.
  • Reading the story for the first time, I come upon the questions that your intended audience will want to ask. Our conversation sparks new ideas and triggers recall of more memories.

By the end of each visit, you’re full of ideas and ready for more writing. We find our way forward, gently and logically, from first drafts to final manuscript.

People who choose a Writing Partner are typically comfortable expressing themselves in writing, have written in their professional career, or like to write letters. If you enjoy writing, this approach will work well for you.

Conversation approach

In this approach I serve as your ghost writer. We meet in person or by telephone to record guided conversations about your life.

  • I give you tools like timelines and prompting questions to work with between our conversations.
  • After recording your recollections, I transcribe, edit, and sequence your words into compelling chapters for your book.

People who choose the Conversation approach are typically the ones who find a blank sheet of paper worse than a dentist’s chair. If you have little experience or interest in writing, this approach will work well for you. For those seeking a low-cost option, recorded conversations can be the final product, preserving stories in the author’s own voice, in digital audio format.

With either approach, whether your goal is a memoir of one part of your life or a full autobiography, I help you get started and stay motivated. The process unfolds on your timetable, in your authentic voice.

Then what happens?

After the Manuscript, the Product

The advent of POD (print on demand) technology makes it easy and affordable to produce books in print runs as small as one. I help my clients by providing the editing, proofreading, and design of cover and interior pages that turn a manuscript into paperback or hardcover books. Your words and photos, artfully arranged, bring your story to life. See Products to explore the many forms your memoir might take.

After the Product, the Party

Whatever format your personal history project takes, a Launch Celebration is the perfect way to honor its completion. We’ll plan a memorable occasion for you to present your family and friends with the gift of a lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more, let’s talk!

I’d be happy to chat with you about your thoughts. Contact me, Sarah White, at 608-347-7329, or

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