What form might your personal history take?

Writing about your life creates a one-of-a-kind gift for family and friends. At the same time, it provides an interesting hobby for the writer–one that brings mental, emotional, and even physical health benefits. Creating a personal history can be done alone, but it’s easier with the support of a writing partner–the service I provide.

Your personal history could take the form of a book, an audio or video recording, or even a website. The content could cover a whole life or just one aspect, or could bring together the stories of a whole community. Whatever the format, a festive Launch Celebration makes your personal history project complete.

Your interest in personal history could be a gift to a loved one. Many people of the Greatest Generation feel their lives are “too ordinary” to write about. Their values argue against investing time and attention to writing about their experiences and insights. But if the writing process were a gift, would they say no? Celebrate a loved one’s special birthday or anniversary with a record of his or her life. A Launch Celebration makes an unforgettable party.

There are so many possibilities! Review the following list for ideas, then–let’s talk! Sarah White, 608-347-7329,

Autobiography (a complete life’s story)

Memoir (story of one era or theme in a life)

Tribute (special occasion gift)


Community History

Do these ideas pique your interest in a personal history project? Let’s talk! Sarah White, 608-347-7329,

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