“I was in the last days of my first draft going to the publisher when I realized I needed another mind to help me grapple with this book. Sarah White has helped me take this book to a different level of quality–one that I’m very happy with.”

-Seth Kahan, Falls River, MD

Here are a few testimonials from recent Writing Partner clients. 

Sue and I met at the Goodman South Madison Library “Celebration of Writing,” where I led a mini-session on writing memoir. Later, she found herself with a story to tell–and sought me out.

“Hiring Sarah was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. When I got home from a 4000-mile solo cross-country bucket-list trip pulling a camp trailer through the West, I asked Sarah to coach me as I wrote up my notes. I wanted the encouragement I knew I would get from her, and I wanted help with my writing. Sarah kept me on track. I always looked forward to our sessions, which were both productive and fun. I ended up with something far better than I expected or imagined I was capable of. And as Sarah responded with enthusiasm to my stories, I was able to relive every day of that remarkable trip and experience its magic all over again.”

– Sue R., Madison, WI

Erin and I met when I taught a memoir workshop for Wisconsin Union Mini-courses (now Wheelhouse) in 2011. Two years later, she contacted me to help her capture her memories of a 5-week trip to Morocco with her mother and two small children. On the flight home, her son had accidentally deleted her trip journal from her iPad. (He oved that “poof” files made when they hit the trash icon.) Starting with the clustering technique, we got Erin’s memories back. We began a productive memoir coaching relationship–and a friendship.

“Working with Sarah shifted the trajectory of my life!  Her guiding hand transforms cluttered thoughts into coherent roadmaps that extend beyond writing goals.  Attentive, insightful and supportive make Sarah an indispensable coach.”

– Erin A., Madison, WI

Ellen was referred to me by a mutual friend. Ellen had been on such an astonishing health journey with her husband, everyone told her “you must write a book.” I was happy to help.

“Sarah White is a gifted writer, editor and coach who helped me tame the irascible storm of ideas in my head about how to write my memoir. Her criticisms were gentle but insightful. Her resources were helpful and inspiring. Her story arc lessons helped me break free of fear, deep sadness from parts of my life, and procrastination. I could not have written my story without Sarah’s steady hand.”

– Ellen F., Madison, WI

More satisfied clients from a variety of engagements:

“My work sessions with Sarah were a pleasure that I always eagerly anticipated. She is creative, knowledgeable, and thoroughly oriented to the procedures of book publishing. I highly recommend Sarah White. You will not go wrong.”

– Eugene Brotzman, Prairie du Sac, WI

“Publishing my book would not have occurred without the personal and professional guidance of Sarah White.  Sarah has a unique style which allows you to feel empowered but fortunate to have her counsel through the many steps of the process.”

– John Tydings, Potomac, MD

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with the professionalism, caring, dedication, and focus that Sarah White demonstrated as we worked together on our dad’s book. We would always recommend Sarah as a valuable resource for those wishing to self-publish. Words cannot express the gratitude of family and friends, especially Dad, as Simply Joe came to fruition. Dad’s memories were truly woven together with the help of Sarah.”

– Marti Dettmann and Alison Koelsch, Oregon, WI

“I am surprised the effect working with Sarah has on me. It makes my life seem more real and valuable.”

– Jean K., Waunakee, WI

“Although I have a degree in creative writing, I learned a lot from Sarah White’s style of outlining and writing.”

– Elizabeth F., Ogden, UT

“Since my wife died, I used to just sit at home and watch TV. Now I start a fire in the fireplace and write.”

– Bill. E, Stoughton, WI

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