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Upcoming Workshop for Personal Historians

Write Your Way to Better Relationship with Money (5-week workshop)

For personal historians only!

Would you like to talk more comfortably about money with current and potential clients? Start by developing a better relationship with money, yourself.

We’ll use the technique of Guided Autobiography–small-group discussion and weekly writing prompts–to explore the topic. This is a writing class, not lectures on pricing and negotiation. My goal is to bring to light attitudes that might be sabotaging your personal history business and to prepare you to have successful relationships with your clients where money is concerned.What past participants have said:

What past participants have said:

“Sarah was great, and I continue to think about insights that emerged during the class.”

“I found it very helpful and was well and truly ready to let go of so many of my self­‐limiting beliefs about money. You also provided plenty of follow­‐up information to take the learnings and insights further.”

“I enjoyed sharing with others and peers as well. The technology worked well.”

“It was great to talk about a ‘taboo’ topic.”

About the workshop:

Over five weeks we will meet for discussion and in-class writing exercises. You will have a short weekly writing assignment based on prompting questions. Each week participants will read what you have written for feedback and group discussion. Week by week, we examine– 1. Attitudes we picked up from our families about money, earning power, etc. 2. Past work experience and what they show us about our attitudes toward money 3. Current beliefs and attitudes that might be holding us back about money, worth, value, etc. 4. Goals for the future regarding earning, saving, and investing.

  • Where: Online
  • When: Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:30pm central time.  Free preview on Wednesday, June 20. Workshop begins TUESDAY July 3 (because of July 4 holiday), then subsequent Wednesdays, July 11, 18, 25, and August 1.
  • Cost: $75
  • To register: Contact me at sarah.white@firstpersonprod.com or 608-347-7329. Deadline to register: June 29.
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