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Upcoming Workshops

Fall 2018

“First Monday, First Person” 

Join us on the first Monday of every month except for Monday holidays at the  Goodman South Madison Library, 2222 S Park St, Madison, WI. We meet from 6 to 7:45 pm.

Next salon: December 3

Enjoy light refreshments and share and critique writing in the first person with like-minded people, first Monday of most months. Sign up on arrival to read on a first-come, first-served basis, and receive group feedback. Listeners welcome as well as readers. Free.

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Now forming: Heritage Monona Reminiscence Writing Club

New scheme in the planning stages–an ongoing bi-weekly meeting. Each session begins with me reading aloud a published reminiscence story and discussing what made it effective. Afterwards everyone tells a story from his/her life on the week’s topic. Participants are urged to ask any question they might have about the story, which helps the writer know what needs fleshing out. When everyone’s story is discussed, we take a short break for free-writing and refreshments. Then we reconvene to share writing in a supportive environment.

My hope is participants will experience the personal satisfaction of creative endeavor, get a chance to create a legacy gift for family/friends, and feel less social isolation. The group is open to the public–if you live in or near Monona, this might be a great addition to your writing practice!

I hope to offer this under the auspices of PLATO Madison. If you would like to join this club–OR if you have ideas for other PLATO creative activities that could be offered at Heritage Monona Senior Living– please contact me, sarah.white@firstpersonprod.com.

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Invite a Workshop to a Library Near You?

Would you like to see one of my workshops or talks come to a library near you? Tell your librarian about me. I am lining up my Winter 2018/spring 2019 schedule now.

Find out more: https://truestorieswelltold.com/about-sarah-whites-remember-to-write-workshops/

Want to know what participants have to say about the workshops?

The video was created to accompany a fundraising project on DaneArts’ Power2Give website in 2012. That project has now concluded.


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Guided Autobiography with Sarah White

James Birren’s Guided Autobiography approach helps individuals find structure and meaning in their lives, and convey it in a written life story. We use themes and priming questions t evoke memories of events once known but filed away and seemingly forgotten. Writing and sharing life stories with others is an ideal way to find new meaning in life as the uncertainties of the past, and the contradictions, paradoxes, and events of life are put into perspective. Participants typically achieve greater resilience, direction, and appreciation of their lives. The focus is life review, but we do touch on writing technique as well.

I’m considering offering my Guided Autobiography workshop, based on James Birren’s methodology, later this spring/summer. If you think you might like to participate, let me know–call 608-347-7329 or email me at sarah.white@firstpersonprod.com.

Let’s stay in touch.

If you would like to receive an email when my workshop schedule is updated, let me know at sarah.white@firstpersonprod.com. With your permission, I will add you to my list.

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